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Number of sites 16
Country/Territory Site name IBA Criteria Final Code
Mauritius Black River Gorges National Park and surrounding areas A1, A2 MU002
Mauritius Cargados Carajos Shoals A4i, A4iii MU016
Mauritius Chamarel - Le Morne A1, A2 MU001
Mauritius East coast mountains A1, A2 MU005
Mauritius Flat and Gabriel Islands A1 MU011
Mauritius Gunner's Quoin A1 MU010
Mauritius Macchabé - Brise Fer forest A1, A2 MU003
Mauritius Mauritius South-eastern Islets A1, A2 MU009
Mauritius Moka mountains A1, A2 MU008
Mauritius Plaine des Roches - Bras d'Eau A1, A2 MU006
Mauritius Pont Bon Dieu A1, A2 MU007
Mauritius Relict Forests of the Central Plateau A1, A2 MU004
Mauritius Rodrigues Islets A4iii MU015
Mauritius Rodrigues mainland A1, A2 MU014
Mauritius Round Island A1, A4ii, A4iii MU012
Mauritius Serpent Island A4i, A4iii MU013